What are Beam Perks Achievements and how do I earn them?

Beam Perks Achievements are virtual/digital-only features in the Beam mobile app designed to encourage you to practice healthy brushing habits. To earn them, you must either use the Beam Brush with the Beam App or utilize the manual timer in the Beam App to record your brushing events.

Brushing Streaks: A brushing streak is built up every time you brush for 2 minutes every morning and every evening using the Beam Brush or the manual timer in the Beam App! Your streak is displayed by the flame icon in the "Brushing Activity" section on the “Brush” tab of the app.

Brushing Statistics: Brushing statistics allow you to see details about the frequency and duration of your brushing. These are displayed in the "Brushing Stats" section on the "Brush" tab of the app.

Badges: Badges are virtual trophies you can earn based on your brushing behavior. Badges you have earned or have the ability to unlock in the future are displayed on the "Awards" tab of the app. Click on each badge icon for info on how to achieve it. Some badges may be achieved more than once. More badges will be released over time!

Celebrations: Celebrations are animations, haptics, or notifications displayed when you complete certain activities.

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