I have multiple family members. How can I set up everyone's new Beam Brush?

Your Beam Dental App holds multiple user accounts for a partner, spouse, or the whole family. If you have already enrolled with Beam Dental insurance, your family members are likely already added to your mobile app account.

Once logged in on the mobile app, on the 'home' or 'profiles' screen of the app, tap or swipe the > next to your profile picture. And, just like that, you can find other family members!

Option 1: Set up all profiles on a single device.

Today, you can link you and your family members' brushes on a single device. Just click on each member, go to the Brush tab at the bottom, click on the gear, and set up their brushes one at a time. You can use the buzz function to double check that you're syncing the right brush to the right person!

Once all the brushes are setup, you're good to go! You will only need to use the app while brushing to adjust the brush settings or to sync your data every couple weeks or so.

Option 2: Multiple devices in a family. If you want to use multiple devices with your Beam brush you can!

Once the brush has been linked to your Beam account, you can use it with any device that has the app installed and you have logged into. If you need to change brush settings or sync your data, simply open the app and wait for the connection to complete! This means that if you have family members out of town or away at school with their own device, they can still sync from anywhere!

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