How do I submit an appeal?

An appeal is needed when one of the following occurs:

  • Change in treating or billing provider name
  • Change in claims remittance/shipment mailing address
  • Change in Assignment of Benefits
  • Change in the patient name
  • Frequency or code rejection that is a non-Beam error
  • Processed with the incorrect fees (Ex: In-network reflecting as out-of-network or the other way around)
  • The claim was sent with incorrect information that caused rejection

    An appeal is not needed when the claim is disallowed--please resubmit the claim form with the requested documentation for reprocessing.

    To submit an appeal, download the Beam Appeal Form here:  Appeal Form.pdf

    The form must be mailed ATTN: Appeals, P.O. Box 75372, Cincinnati, OH 45275. Include the claim form and applicable documentation such as a narrative, x-rays, perio charting, or surgical notes.

    Appeal forms received by any other means will not be processed!
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