I can't find my Beam Brush during set up?

Don’t worry! Let’s first double-check the required settings for brush linking: the brush must be within ten feet,  Bluetooth is on, the Beam brush battery is good and the brush turns on, and you are logged into the app. Click on the Brush tab at the bottom of the app, then click on the gear icon and select "Set up a Brush" to start the linking process.  If all of that is setup correctly and the Beam Brush is not displaying, follow the below workaround steps:

iOS App:

  1. Turn Bluetooth off on your phone.
  2. Force close the Beam app.
  3. Power off your phone.
  4. Power on your phone.
  5. Open the Beam app with your brush within ten feet of you.
  6. Go to "Set up a Brush" again.
  7. Turn Bluetooth back on.
  8. The brush should show up.

Android App:

  1. Go into your Bluetooth settings and turn it off. 
  2. Go into Settings > Connected Devices > See all.
  3. Select the gear next to the Beam Brush and select Forget. Confirm “Forget Device."

Next you'll need to reset the Bluetooth cache. To do this:

  1. Go into Settings > Storage > Other Apps.
  2. Select the menu (three dots) in the top right corner and select "Show System."
  3. Use the Search Icon at the top right corner and search for “Bluetooth."
  4. Select the Bluetooth icon and click “Clear Cache."
  5. Turn on Bluetooth again.
  6. Reopen the app and try to "Set up a Brush" again.

If this doesn't resolve your issue, feel free to reach us at Support@beam.dental!


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