How can I add a dependent to my Beam Dental insurance?

In order to add a dependent, they must first be eligible.

An eligible dependent is either a spouse, partner, or an unmarried child who is less than 26 years old and/or primarily depends upon you for support and maintenance.

Once eligibility is determined, there must then need to be a qualifying event.

A qualifying event includes, but is not limited to: getting married, having a baby, or losing previous health/dental coverage. Should any of these events happen, you'll be able to add an eligible dependent to your plan. If you are unsure if you have had a qualifying event, contact Beam at!

With eligibility and a qualifying event, it's now time to add the dependent. Log in to your account at, and click on 'family'. Then, you will be directed to 'add dependent'.  

After adding the profile information for the dependent, you will sign and accept the terms of use. Then, you should receive notice that the member has been added to your Beam insurance plan and will be able to view them in the 'family' section of the portal. Note: You will also be able to see your dependent(s) in the beam mobile app, and this is where you can add a profile picture to your account. Just log in, swipe over on profiles to the newly created dependent account, and select the empty avatar to add a picture.

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