What does Beam cover at no cost?

This can depend a little on your particular plan, but certain things are included for anyone with a Beam Dental plan. Here’s a quick list:   

  • Beam Brush
  • Replacement heads and batteries
  • Beam Paste
  • Beam Floss
  • Beam App

When it comes to dental procedures, we also cover basic check-ups:

  • Cleanings (2 per benefit period)
  • Exams (2 per benefit period)
  • Other Diagnostic & Preventive procedures (x-rays, fluoride for kids, etc.)

This applies to all in-network dentists - and some out-of-network ones, too.*

Pro tip: If you've had a lot of dental work done this year, ask your dentist to verify that you haven't maxed out. If you still have some max left, you'll be good to go!

*Preventive and Diagnostic procedures typically covered 100%, but always check your Summary of Benefits for specifics or have your dentist call us!

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