Why does Beam want my brushing data? 

Why does Beam want my brushing data? 

At Beam, we want to promote dental hygiene and encourage our members to improve their habits. Better brushing decreases the chances of needing major dental work (which is expensive!) so that is a win-win for you and for us. An extra plus? We’re able to use this data to lower premiums for you and your group at renewal. 

How does Beam use my brushing data?

You can pair your Beam Brush with our mobile app which sends us information about your
brushing habits. Then, we look at data in the aggregate for your entire group to determine if your
group is eligible for lower premiums at renewal.

Understandably, you may be cautious about any type of data collection, but we want you to
know that we do not share or sell any of your data. Our goal to help members improve their
dental hygiene does not come at the expense of your privacy or security.

What guardrails does Beam have in place to keep my data safe?

  1. Cookies:

We use a session cookie to identify the member who is logged in. We do this for a very important reason: to guarantee that our members are seeing only their data. We have HIPAA-protected data to secure, and we take that duty very seriously.

We also store an anonymized company and user identifier, and send that to an analytics service to tell us how frequently individuals, or employees of a given company, use our website. This info cannot be used to discover a person or company's identity, and we do not share or sell any of this data—even the anonymized version.

  1. Mobile app:

As mentioned above, we have a mobile app that, along with recording your brushing habits, allows you to view your insurance card, find an in-network dentist, and perform similar to functions of those in our Member Portal. It, like the website, uses cookies to protect our users’ information.

Your privacy is important to us, and Beam works hard to protect you and your data.

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