When will my Beam Perks arrive?

Your very first Perks shipment will arrive a few weeks after you complete your Beam profile. Before your coverage begins, we send you an email (or two!) that say "finish enrolling" and "choose your brush color." Open that email and fill out the form! You'll create your password, choose your brush colors, and confirm your mailing address. (If you provided this information when you completed your actual insurance enrollment, then you're already covered!)

Once your Beam profile is done, we'll send out your initial Perks package a few weeks later. You'll receive an email once it ships! 

Then, you'll receive Perks refill packages a few months later. If you're new to Beam, your Perks will come every six months. If you've been with Beam for a while, your Perks will ship out every six months after your plan renews this year!

We listened to your feedback, and changed up the shipment schedule a bit. But fear not - you'll receive two refill packages per shipment so you can still change out your brush head every three months.

If you have questions about your Perks or Perk shipments, feel free to reach out to us at support@beam.dental. We're happy to answer any questions! 


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