I just got my Beam Brush, but it won't turn on.

We ship the brushes with a battery installed, but it's upside down. Start by making sure that the battery has been flipped so that the plus sign is facing down towards the cap. Once you've done this and placed the cap back in place, the brush should buzz twice!

If you don't get the two buzzes, make sure the cap is fully closed. There is a tiny dot on one side that should line up with the Bluetooth symbol on the casing.

Although we ship your Beam Brush with brand new batteries, try swapping out the battery for a different one if you continue to have problems turning on the brush.

If you've done all of these things, and the brush still won't buzz, email us at support@beam.dental so we can help!

If you do get the buzzes, then turn your Beam Brush on or off by firmly pressing the circular button near the top, front of your brush.


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